Welcome to the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin, a Los Angeles law firm serving individuals and businesses throughout Southern California in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, business litigation including real estate and construction litigation, and consumer fraud.

We understand that jury verdicts are meager compensation for what you have lost. At the same time, you should not be forced to pay expenses and shoulder burdens which were placed on you by another, through no fault of your own. Moreover, the negligent party should be held accountable for the negligence or wrongful conduct which caused you to incur physical injury, emotional pain, or legal damages and losses to your business. To the extent a jury verdict or settlement can make up for your loss, we provide the caring support and effective representation to ensure you are fairly compensated.

Our Philosophy

Serious injuries require serious attention. We communicate all settlement offers to the client and attempt to reach a collaborative or mediated result where appropriate, but we are also willing to aggressively litigate any matter in court at any time. Being aggressive is not the same as being vindictive. Whether in negotiations, mediation, or litigation, persuasion is the ultimate goal. In our experience, empathy is the key to effective communication and persuasion with juries.

Our concern is with the client, and not with billable hours. We never spend any more time than is necessary to provide the best representation, and we never make the resolution of issues more complicated than they have to be. From motor vehicle accidents to contract disputes, from medical malpractice and dangerous products to real property border disputes, the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin has the skills and experience to achieve a positive result on your behalf. Contact our office for a free consultation. Flexible appointment hours can be arranged, and Spanish-speaking clients are welcome.