Practice Areas Overview

The Law Offices of Steven L. Martin helps individuals and businesses in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California in the areas of personal injury, real estate litigation, construction litigation, business litigation, and consumer fraud. We take a very client-centered approach to our practice and work hard to provide you with the representation you need to resolve your matter in a cost-effective and efficient manner, with positive results you will be satisfied with. For immediate assistance in any of the areas below, please contact the Law Offices of Steven L. Martin for a free consultation.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident, you know that the pain and expense involved doesn’t always end after your physical recovery. There may be long-term emotional wounds and permanent disabilities that require a lifetime of additional care and personal challenge. While no amount of money may make up for what you have lost, we work to ensure that all your expenses are covered and that you receive full and fair compensation to help ease your burden. Our firm handles every type of negligence case involving serious injuries or wrongful death, including medical malpractice, elder abuse/nursing home negligence, vehicle accidents, dangerous premises, and dangerous products.

Real Estate Litigation

Real property transactions represent the largest investments for most homeowners, and they can be stressful and traumatic events. Buyers and sellers alike need guidance and an independent voice to make sure that all documents are prepared correctly, and that their rights and interests are protected. Our firm engages in litigation when parties renege on their contracts or fail to disclose defects on the premises. We represent homeowners in broker and agent professional malpractice cases, border disputes with neighbors, nuisance actions, and more.

Construction Litigation

When contractors don’t do their jobs or complete their work up to code, the legal remedy may cost more than the addition to the property. We make sure investors and developers get what they paid for and realize the full value of their investment. We also represent contractors who are sued by homeowners, where the homeowner fails to pay for work completed and invents fraudulent reasons not to pay. Our firm handles all matters of negligence in the construction industry, including patent and latent construction defects.

Business Litigation

We offer advice and counsel in negotiating and structuring a deal, and offer legal representation to others who didn’t seek advice at the transactional stage. We handle breach of contract disputes and business torts involving various forms of fraud and unfair business practices. The firm also defends businesses when laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are used improperly to sue businesses.

Consumer Fraud

From used cars with falsified odometers and documentation to home repair contractors who promise but don’t deliver, we stand up for consumers who have been scammed, schemed, conned, or defrauded. We pursue actions under California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the state’s lemon law, and other actions necessary to remedy and stop false advertising, bait and switch, and other unfair and deceptive business practices.

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